I offer coaching opportunities for two, very specific types of individuals:


1) Creative Tech Entrepreneurs or CEOs looking to articulate their message about their start up or company in a powerful and engaging manner.

2) Artists who are looking to develop and produce a solo show

tech entrepreneurs and CEOs


Growth hacking, data mining, blockchain, the list goes on and on with the vocabulary we use on a daily basis. These tech terms become second nature to us, as we develop the next hot app or code the complexities of our company's entire website. You are passionate about what you do, but people do not seem to understand the impact you are trying to have in the world, or even within the tech space. You feel lost, defeated, and while you have a product or service that you believe is worth working towards, you aren't getting any traction.

That's where I come in. I help inspiring and motivated tech entrepreneurs and CEOs develop their message in a clear and concise way that gets buyers interested. Whether you are pitching your new tech startup, or looking to extend the reach of your current company, I give you proven methods and techniques to engage your audience and attract the interest you've been looking for.

My background in the tech industry paired with my experience as a performer and Editor-in-Chief of All About Solo, an online publication which reviews the best solo performances happening in New York City, whether they be on or Off Broadway, provides a unique perspective for my clients. Your presentation about your company will no longer leave people bored and confused. Instead, it will leave your audience interested, informed, and entertained.



You have a story you want to tell, whether it be your own, someone else's, or that imaginary character inside your head. You believe that this message will resonate with an audience and will allow you to grow as an artist. You've thought creating a one-person, solo show could be a great way to share this story. But you have no idea where to start.

I definitely understand! I felt trapped too, and went on to successfully produce two different solo shows, both of which were apart of the United Solo Theatre Festival, the largest solo theatre festival in the world. I now serve as Editor-in-Chief of All About Solo, an online publication which publishes reviews of the best solo shows happening in New York City, which interviews actors about their creative solo work, and which covers the latest and greatest going on in solo performance. 

If you couldn't tell, I am very passionate about solo performance! I work with my clients from the early development stages of coming up with an idea and writing a piece, to performing the work, producing the show, and everything in between. Your story needs to be heard for an audience and I am humbled to play even just a minor role in that!

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