podcast producer

As a podcast producer, Patrick has worked with a variety of individuals and organizations to help them share their stories and broadcast their brands. Scroll below to see some of the podcasts that Patrick has produced.

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What's Betwixt Us: Stories of Working While Human is a series of conversations about empathy at work, at work. It’s about diving into the messiness and the specificity of being human on the job—any job—and how empathy isn’t just a nice-sounding buzzword for company PR, it’s a rebellious act of remembering that we’re Human First, Everything Else After. What’s Betwixt Us is powered by zanie, designed to build trust and authentic human connection in remote workspaces. More at zanie.app. Currently in production.

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Humanity is at a crossroads! Enter: S.O.U.P. - The Surveyors of Unused Potential - a semi-secret conglomerate of scientists & inventors who locate & harvest a precious & invisible resource, Potential Energy. This clean, green energy source powers ideas, innovation & creativity. Just what we need to build a brighter future! It’s all around us if you know how to recognize it! For the first time in history, S.O.U.P. is recruiting in order to broaden their search for Potential Energy Hotspots & share access to this resource like never before. Will you join us and help “Fuel the Future, Together”? Currently in Production.

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Actorcast is the podcast that broadcasts the work, advice, and insight of actors, writers, directors, producers, and other industry experts in show business. From Q&As, to interviews and showcases, Actorcast is the go-to resource for beginners and pros alike who are looking to carve their path in the entertainment industry by learning from those who've made their mark from Hollywood to Broadway. Visit us on our website at actorcast.fm and on Instagram @actorcast.fm. Recently wrapped up its first season.

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Do you long to travel the world? ON JOURNEY poses the challenge: What’s stopping you? It also paints a moving picture of the possibilities through 30 years of my world travel with imagery, vivid descriptions of people & places, and the inner reflections and observations on the whole process. Get inspired to begin bringing your dreams of world adventure travel into fruition — or just enjoy the ride—by learning tips, debunking myths and fears, and discovering hidden truths about how inspiring journeys can unfold. Currently in production.

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"Relate w/ Patrick McAndrew" dissects the most important aspect of our lives that create fulfillment and meaning in the age of technology: deep, meaningful, human relationships. We create a sustainably happy life through the relationships we invest in and the memories we build together for years and years to come. Patrick McAndrew, a professional actor and tech philosopher, hosts this captivating podcast, interviewing top experts in tech, entertainment, and business, gathering their take on what it truly means to connect and relate to one another. Wrapping up the series, which ran from Spring 2019 and will conclude in Winter 2021.

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