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All Aboard the iPhone X (Press)

Today the iPhone X was released!  WAHOO! After watching some reviews on the new, spiffy device, I stumbled upon this article about its release and the long lines of people waiting to get their hands on the iPhone’s next rendition.

These lines seem to go on forever and there is no FastPass offered for these lines.  We who wait are willing to use up our time in devotion to this device that will apparently offer us so many benefits.

Kerry Close, a writer for Time, wrote an article last year called, Why Buying the Latest Apple Gadget Can Feel Like a Religious Experience.  In it, she discusses how our brains are wired to crave this new technology, and tech companies are more than willing to exploit this weakness.  People are genetically wired for the desire to project social class and, in today’s technological age, that is often done through social networking, photos, and information.  Close also discusses a concept called “neuromarketing,” in which companies use neuroscience and psychology to understand consumer’s purchasing behavior.  They use this to “trigger consumers’ desire for their products.”

Close also quotes, “The idea is to get the technology completely enmeshed in the lives of consumers, so they can’t live without it.”  Lastly, Close discusses that we buy these products so religiously because they offer us hope: hope that they will revolutionize our lives.

I do find it very fascinating that Apple and other tech companies have so ingrained technology and smartphones into our culture that it is difficult to live without them.  We must applaud these companies for that.  In many ways, these technological advances have made our lives way easier and the top executives of these companies are earning a pretty penny for the value they are providing the world.  But I think it’s important to not get too ahead of ourselves.

It’s easy to get lost in all the hype of the latest and greatest technology.  With new apps and new functions coming with every new iPhone or any other technological gadget, I believe it has the ability to remove us further and further away from our reality.  So many of us have given in to the technological pull.  We spend a surprising amount of time during our days staring down at our phones.  And it makes sense for these companies to want you to spend even more time staring down.  Apple and others are obviously very good at herding sheep.  But how long will we allow ourselves to be herded?

What do you think?  Are you excited for the iPhone X?  Do you think you’re being manipulated using technology to an excess?  Or am I being an old bitty and a bit too over-dramatic?  Comment below!


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