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Art Can Fix Tech Obsession

IRL Glasses

A friend of mine recently introduced me to IRL Glasses.  Though I haven’t worn them myself, I checked out the company’s recent Kickstarter campaign.  IRL Glasses serve one simple function: they block out screens.

Put on your IRL Glasses and any TV Screens, computers screens, or any other screen that is larger than your smartphone will be completely blacked out.  That’s insane!  The IRL Glasses were invented to get rid of distractions in our daily lives, as more and more screens interrupt our lives regularly. The glasses do not block out smartphone screens just yet, but they are hoping to raise enough money to develop the technology to do so.

The glasses were created by Ivan Cash, an award-winning artist, film director, and founder of Cash Studios.  As his website lays out, “his work engages culture, celebrates human connection, and is loved by the Internet.

An Artist Making An Impact

Ivan Cash is my cup of tea.  With projects like IRL Glasses and some of his other projects like The Passenger Project and Snail Mail by Email, he is using art and storytelling to connect us all as human beings in the digital age, an age where it can often feel like we are less and less connected despite our very available Internet access.

Ivan Cash is using technology for what it is meant for; as a tool to progress our world in a positive way, instead of using it as another form of religion.  I’m a big believer that the purpose of art is to connect us as human beings and if we can use technology to leverage that exposure to art, I am all for it!

The Future Of Technology and Us

Technology will continue advancing and it is up to us to use technology to better our lives.  An always-on mentality and a need to be on our devices constantly is only hurting our future.  Time that can be devoted to working towards a specific goal is being wasted away on things that are providing us no value.  We are become lazier and busier at the same time.  We must leverage technology for our benefit.  We mustn’t let it use us.  Creatives like Ivan Cash are developing technology like the IRL Glasses to make a difference in how we connect and relate to each other.  Technology must enhance our relationships and not diminish them.

As Stephen Covey quoted: “Remember, technology is a great servant, but a terrible master.”

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