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I’ve been all about priorities lately. Sometimes my life can seem especially busy. As a freelancer working in New York City, I often feel like I am getting pulled in multiple directions and fulfilling the agendas of others. It has gotten me in this mindset that I always have to be productive and I cannot let a minute go to waste. What I’m beginning to discover, however, is that this sort of living isn’t as helpful as I might make it out to be. I’m beginning to discover that simplicity is key.

Having choices is good. While juggling multiple jobs can be annoying from time to time, it’s nice knowing that I have some flexibility over my schedule. I somehow make this freelance dance work, but I do believe it comes at a cost. In my last article, I talked about the importance of focus and how we should try to focus on a few key elements in our lives in order to feel fulfilled. We must strive to keep things simple.

We have a tendency to make things super complicated. With the world being at our fingertips, we have introduced a wide array of complexities that past generations didn’t have to deal with. In some ways, this is an advantage. With the Internet comes new and improved opportunities that our predecessors couldn’t even dream of. This gives us more choices and choices have the potential to lead us to a life of freedom, hence the term “freedom of choice.”

But in a weird way, these choices can be stifling. We have varied interests and because we have the privilege of multiple choices, we can explore those interests more fully. While some in this country have more choices than others, I would argue that the United States has a whole has an unproportionally large amount of choices compared to the rest of the world, despite our own systemic issues. But with more choices come more decisions and most of us stink at making decisions.

If we don’t make definitive decisions, our lives will never go where we want them to. So many of us get lost and unsure regarding what to do with our lives that we freeze and stay still. Then nothing changes, leaving us even more unhappy. I recommend researching and reading a couple topics that interest you. I’m a big believer that learning more skills can break the chains from our stagnant positions.

We should strive for a simple life because it will allow us to accomplish more by focusing in on a few key skills or topics. If you aren’t feeling fulfilled with your current work, try engaging in activities that do fulfill you in your free time. Create something or read something that excites you. These seemingly small tasks can lead to a more fruitful path. While simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy, it does allow you to declutter your mind.

When we clean our rooms, apartments, or houses, we can find things more clearly. When our living space is a mess, it can take us forever to find a specific item we need, like our keys or an important notebook. Like this, we can’t discover what we want if we are living with a messy mind. If our attention is pulled in multiple directions and on multiple tasks, we won’t find the life we are looking for. It is only when we clean things up and leave it simple that magic happens. In a simple, organized mind, we can find our item of importance rather quickly, leading us to be more efficient and accomplish greater things in a shorter period of time.

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