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Digital Detox with The Light Phone

Two weeks ago, I posted about the new iPhone X coming out.  “Well, iPhone X, looks like there’s a new sheriff in town!”

Cue to The Light Phone.  Founded by Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang, The Light Phone may look cool and sleek like the iPhone X, but it is different in every other way.

The Light Phone was designed with our time in mind.  In an age where technology is built on the need for our attention and the use of our time, The Light Phone has a very different approach.  The aim is to make us all more connected to the world and to each other, to not be bogged down in the always-connected anxiety of our phones.  Hollier and Tang quote on their website:

“We design beautiful objects that respect and empower. They do one thing well. Technology should help us appreciate life more. It should serve, not enslave, us.We don’t want to buy more stuff, to be told we’re not enough by our feeds, to be tracked or reduced to some data point. We are not anti-technology, we are humans and we’re taking our lives back.”

The Light Phone has no camera.  It does not have an internet connection.  It does not have games.  You can’t even text on this phone!  It does two things: receives calls and makes calls.  That’s it.  Check out this promo below:

I must say, overall, I am pretty smitten by this phone.  It takes a brave lass or lad to be able to disconnect to this extent.  It’s important to note that The Light Phone isn’t a total conversion.  It links to your smartphone.  This means that at times when you want to go out and disconnect, your Light Phone connects to your smartphone and any calls to your smartphone are forwarded to your Light Phone.  It’s in many ways a modern beeper that you can make phone calls with.

I love the idea behind this product.  It allows people the security of their smartphone, while being able to make an active choice to disconnect from the online world.  If these Light Phones could text, I would consider just going all for The Light Phone sans smartphone.  I question, however, if people are willing to disconnect in this way, even if it is just for a quick walk or hike in the woods.

The philosophy behind The Light Phone is right on point.  We do need to disconnect.  It’s unhealthy to treat our smartphones like another appendage.  It’s just whether or not we are willing to sever that limb in favor of the Light Phone, even if it’s just for an hour or two a day.

What are your thoughts?  Is the Light Phone cool?  Or totally lame, dude?  It’s been around for about two years now.  Do you think it can ever catch on?  I do think the price is a little steep at $150 for a very basic phone.  But maybe if they brought it down we would be more willing?  Comment below!

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