• Patrick McAndrew

Reorganizing Our Priorities

Catherine Price, author of the book, How To Break Up With Your Phone, recently wrote an amazing article for the New York Times titled, How Not To Let Your Phone Ruin Your Vacation.

There are some great pointers in there that I think we can all learn from, such as defining our goals with taking vacations, deleting “problem apps,” and establishing phone etiquette with your friends or family while you are away.  These strategies are meant to increase the value of your vacation so that you don’t spend your time endlessly scrolling through social media and e-mail.

Isn’t this sad?  I don’t doubt that Price wishes she didn’t have to write an article like she did.  But, for whatever reasons, we cannot seem to deter ourselves from our phone habits without a little help from good people like Catherine Price.

What is this compulsion?  What is this need to always check-in on what’s happening in the online world?  In one of Price’s headings in her article she writes, “Get over yourself,” and that, “we all have an exaggerated sense of our own importance.”  This made me chuckle.  It’s true!  The human species sure is silly.

Why do we feel like it’s the end of the world if we don’t keep up with our email?  Why do we experience FOMO if we aren’t up-to-date on the latest happenings on Instagram or Facebook?  Perhaps I am mistaken, but our society seems to be experiencing a shift in priorities.

We run late.  We sleep in too late.  We forget to do a favor for our loved one or forget to send our Mom something for Mother’s Day.  These real, tangible things are often not prioritized.  What is prioritized is email, texting, selfies, and social media posts.  This is priority numero uno.  While we place so much emphasis on what matters on the screen, we are losing sight of what really matters.

We should seriously consider our priorities.  Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit unfocused regarding what tasks, jobs, and projects I should be putting more time into.  I’m striving to organize my priorities while cutting out those things that I cannot dedicate as much energy to.  We should do the same regarding how we use technology.

It’s so easy to become lost in the sea of mess that is the digital world.  We become so lost that we cannot seem to find our way back to the tangible shore.  We ride the waves aimlessly while missing the real experiences that are happening right in front of us.  So long as we organize our priorities, as Catherine Price is suggesting regarding our vacation habits, we will get more out of life than we ever thought possible.

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