• Patrick McAndrew

Sharing is Daring

How much are you willing to share on the Internet?  Nowadays, it’s pretty apparent that not much gets left unsaid in our virtual worlds.  We share our addresses, our phone numbers, our bank information, our credit card information, as well as our social and political beliefs.  The Internet probably knows more about us than we know about ourselves!

I read an article in Forbes released a few years ago titled The Dark Side of Technology.  It was written by a man named Greg Satell.  In it, he brings up a few interesting points.  He discusses the algorithms used in order to get our innocent, little fingers to click on something online, a portal to a new online page.  He talks about how we aren’t far off from machines not only recognizing our faces, but also recognizing our personalities and manipulating them for some purpose or another.  Satell also describes how we can get genetic samples from anyone in the world, which will give us an entire rundown of certain individuals.  Boy, howdy, this sure is a lot of stuff!

We do put a lot of trust into technology and the Internet.  For the most part, it hasn’t seemed to do us wrong except for a few cases here and there.  But, at the same time, if someone wants to dig up information on you for some reason, it’s very easy.  Still, we trust that no one will want to do that.  “People have better things to do than to find out what I had for dinner two nights ago! (but if you see that I had pizza on Saturday, be sure to like my photo and follow me!)”

I do wonder where the line will be drawn, if ever there will be a line drawn.  We trust the security of the companies we share secure information with.  We trust the community when we post personal information on Facebook.  We are very willing to share.  It’s as if we are playing a never-ending game of “Truth or Dare” and we are doing a little bit of both.  “I dare you to share the truth for all the world to hear!”

For the most part, I think we are alright…for now.  I do think its important to exercise caution and to be mindful about what we are sharing.  Because once it’s out there, there is no turning back.  We are so busy, running around all the time, and posting, posting, posting.  There is a sense that we have control over what we post.  In a sense we do, but in a sense, we don’t. Because there have been no drastic repercussions, we believe everything is fine and dandy.  Let’s hope it stays that way.

What are your thoughts?  Do you think there is risk in sharing so much information?  Or do you trust technology to be on our side generally?  Comment below!


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