• Patrick McAndrew

The AI Agenda

David Icke is a professional conspiracy theorist and former sports broadcaster. I stumbled upon a video of him on London Real (a great YouTube channel, by the way) talking about the agenda of artificial intelligence. MIND BLOWN!

He states that we have been preparing for our reliance and loyalty to artificial intelligence by getting us addicted to current technology and, in particular, getting younger people addicted to technology. The reason for this, as Icke puts it, is so that when the younger people come of age, they will be much more willing to accept the intricacies of artificial intelligence into their lives. They have grown up with technology their whole lives; they don’t know anything different. Icke believes that there will be an overwhelming favor for AI being integrated into us.

Icke discusses how the sales pitch of AI says that if we inject AI into our bodies, that we will become superhuman. In retrospect, however, we will actually become subhuman, “a vehicle for artificial intelligence.” At the end of the video, Icke comments, “If you are connecting the human mind to a grid, a global technological grid, that grid can be centrally controlled. It will take, at the center point, very, very few people to run it and even fewer to decide how its run.”

It’s a scary thing to think about ourselves being controlled as if we were robots, with someone miles away controlling us to do certain things. But, as crazy as it sounds, it is already happening at some level. The amount of time we spend on the Internet, social media, email, and the like is astounding! These various platforms will often dictate how we act in any given moment. If you disagree, I encourage you to think of a time when you were looking at your email, and you received an email demanding something from you ASAP. What did you do? Most people, in most cases, would drop what they are doing and respond to the email or work on what the email was requesting. While some have the self-discipline to avoid this trap, many of us fall victim to it.

This is why it’s crucially important for us to be in control of our own decisions, actions, and how we live out our lives. If we aren’t, there will be someone pushing their own agenda on us and soon we will feel completely out of control of our lives. This already happens, and humans are allowing technology to exploit our time, our scarcest resource.

As integrated AI is just around the corner, we definitely need to be more proactive on the decisions we make and how we spend our time. This takes incredible self-discipline and a bit of courage as well. This is why things are looking iffy. Overall, we humans don’t have the best self-discipline. We crave comfort, ease, and security. Technology, and eventually AI, fulfills all these things in many ways. How will we be able to fight these impulses?

Icke does a great job in this video of educating us. The agendas of others, whether it be those creating AI or those wanting you to do something for their benefit, are constantly pushing their way into our lives. It will be up to us to regulate when these moments occur and to allow ourselves the distance from these agendas so that we can think clearly on the decisions we need to make. There’s always people out their trying to influence us, and, with technology as their tool, it is only going to become more and more difficult to resist.

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