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The Low Tech Logo

I am very excited to announce that a logo for The Low Tech Trek has been created. WAHOO!!

This logo is the product of two very talented artists, Jules Lepore and Tara Kelly.  Jules designed the logo while Tara created the color and computer graphic.  Be sure to consult with them if ever you need any sort of design expertise. You can message Jules on Facebook @Jules Mercedes and follow Tara on Instagram @you_cant_kill_tara.

Designing a logo was something I had always wanted to do for The Low Tech Trek.  With anything, it’s important to have a central image that embodies what the blog, company, or organization is about.  So, what is embodied in this logo?

I talk with Jules a lot about my vision for The Low Tech Trek and what the purpose of this blog is.  In a nutshell, its about connecting humanity.  Its about engagement and openness.  It’s about listening, it’s about relationships, it’s about friendships (cue cheesy, inspirational music).  In a world that always seems to be so divided, The Low Tech Trek is meant to inform us on how to disengage with our little online worlds that isolate us from one another (though gives us the false sense that we are super-connected with each other).  It’s meant to inform us on the importance of face-to-face interaction.  It’s meant to remind us to live in the moment and to not take our surroundings for granted.  This all had to be encompassed within the logo.

So, where do we go from there?  Jules is a very talented designer, having had experience from creating customized paintings to designing tattoos, so I definitely trusted her opinion.  We wanted to create something that was whole and abstract, yet striking.

I’m always drawn to eyes.  “Windows to the soul,” they say.  And when someone looks you in the eyes, you can’t help but feel connected (unless it’s for an uncomfortably long time, then it’s just scary).  We don’t look at each other in the eyes very often.  With our heads always down in our phones, I believe our souls yearn for eye contact.

I wanted the logo to, in a way, be staring at its viewer, though in a subtle way.  I wouldn’t say that the logo looks exactly like an eye right away.  You have to look at it for a little bit to then realize it’s looking back at you.  This grabs my attention.  It causes me to “listen.”  My hope is that it does the same for you.

In addition to the abstract eye, I liked the idea of a circle with an arch over it.  Circles, to me, mean community.  We’ve all been in those situations (whether we like them or not) when a leader says, “Alright, let’s circle up!”  Circles are inclusive.  They are open and welcoming.  Whether it be at restaurants or social gatherings, I have always been a fan of the classic, circle table instead of those long, rectangular tables.  It allows you to see everyone and converse with people easier, while the longer tables are more limiting.  If you are at the very end of a long, rectangular table, good luck! You better like the person sitting next to you or across from you.

The arch over the circle represents a togetherness, a bringing together of sorts.  It almost represents a greater world above our own through our ability to connect as humans.  I just made that up now, but I think its reflective of what the logo is about.

Jules and I also talked about color a lot and decided to go with a deep blue for the central circle.  Some may say blue is the color of sadness, but I would disagree.  Blue is refreshing.  A “breathe of fresh air.”  Blue is a clean, fresh slate.  There is an inviting quality in blue.  I’m not going to get too artsy fartsy here, but I believe blue is a color that encompasses a peace of mind.  When detaching from the busyness and white noise of technology, we find ourselves at peace.  We are able to look into ourselves and get a sense of who and where we are and what are relationship is to others and the world.  Blue represents depth and I believe by limiting our engagement with technology we are able to create better depth with others, with the world/nature, and with ourselves.

We got ourselves a deep blue circle.  We got ourselves a pretty, little arch.  Throw the text around the “symbols”, further expanding the circle, and we got ourselves a logo!  After thinking and talking about the design for a long time, it felt great to have something tangible, something that we felt good about that truly felt like the mission of The Low Tech Trek.  As a final note, I wanted the logo to be simple.  I did not want anything complex.  Life should be simple.  That doesn’t mean its easy, but it should be simple.  We tend to make our lives very complex when they don’t need to be.  Enjoy the little things in life and you will be happy.

I took the drawing to Tara, who was very patient with me while I requested several alterations as she digitized the logo.  Her amazing graphic design skills did not disappoint.  She was able to take our drawing and polish it into a professional and usable logo.  It went through several variations, experimenting with color, size, and text, but we finally reached a happy conclusion.

I know this blog post wasn’t about a video or an article or a book.  But as my audience has increased, I wanted to share with you all this process as a reminder to what we are doing here at The Low Tech Trek.  As always, I appreciate your support and your dedication to finding a balance between technology and humanity and I look forward to continuing this journey with you all!

Your friend,


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