• Patrick McAndrew

The Thinking Trap, and What To Do With Our Lives

Everyday Decisions

Everyday starts with a decision. When hear our alarm clocks, many of us will get up and go through our usual morning routines. Perhaps some of us will go to the gym or go for a run. Some may eat breakfast or pour themselves a cup of coffee. And others will hit the snooze button three or four times before finally crawling out of bed to start the day.

Our decision-making processes continue throughout our day, from what to wear and what to eat, to who we decide to interact with. Though these little decisions are seemingly insignificant, they all add up to form our days, our weeks, our months, our years, and our lives. We decide how we spend our time and therefore shape our lives little by little.

Bigger Decisions

While deciding what to wear or whether to buy that coffee or not will have little impact on our lives, there are some big life-time decisions that can completely alter the course of our lives. Where should we go to school? Who should we marry? What should we study? What career should we pursue? Where should we live? Often times, these decisions can seem overwhelming and so difficult to decide on that we never end up making a decision at all.

Have you ever been out with your significant other, friends, or family and everyone’s favorite question gets asked? “Where would you like to go for dinner?” Because of indifference, this question can lead to people picking up their pitchforks into attack positions as the decision gets bobbed around like a big balloon at a concert, hovering around with no set destination. Eventually, a decision gets made and, as is often the case, the involved parties are glad that a decision has been made at all, even if it wasn’t their original preference.

But when it comes to big, life decisions, we make things a little more complicated for ourselves. One decision can seemingly set us on a course that we aren’t 100% sold on and we see the ramifications of such a decision as destroying our entire lives. Because of this, we retreat and cower away from making these risky choices. Tony Robbins, the famous motivational speaker who has impacted thousands of lives, has said, “Most people don’t have the guts to make the tough decision because they want to make the right decision, so they make no decision.” Tony Robbins is laying down some truth!

Simply Decide

The ability to make a decision is so simple, and yet we make it so complex because we worry that we will ruin the trajectory of our entire lives. We go into jobs we hate because we seek security instead of opportunity. We tend to ere on the safe and comfortable side instead of deciding to take action in our lives. We know what we want to do, but very few of us actually do it, so we are left in a bubble of confusion about which direction we want our lives to go.

There are a million reasons not to do something, but all we really need is one reason to do something. And if we aren’t sure what to do with our lives, as so many of us aren’t sure, we need to start developing laser focus and truly think about what it is we want. Beware of The Thinking Trap when doing so, however, or else you will live in a bubble of thought your entire life. We must train ourselves to pop our thought bubbles and decide, whether or not we know if it’s the best decision for us. If it’s not, we will be able to correct course as we go. And if it is, we have just opened ourselves up to an amazing life that we wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

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