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TTYL by Liana Pavane

The Low Tech Trek is excited to host another guest writer, Liana Pavane, Creator of TTYL.  TTYL is “a weekend pop-up filled with all your favorite board games, coloring books, and other de-stressing activities while giving your mind a rest from social media.”  Liana plans to open TTYL in the Fall of 2018 in Manhattan and talks below about her inspiration and her mission.


I recently created a business called TTYL (Talk To You Later). It is going to be a pop-up space in the fall where you can’t use your phone, but instead will be encouraged to play board games, color, drink beer/wine, or simply talk to a friend in a fun environment. My mission is to inspire people to have a healthier relationship with technology in order to live a more fulfilling life.

I came up with the idea after graduating from college while on vacation with my family. Without having class or homework, I noticed an increase in the amount of time I was spending on my phone. I found it disturbing that I felt jealous of my friends back home when I should have been more than happy to be with my family exploring other countries. I began to feel nostalgic of a time prior to social media where all I had to fill my time were the people around me and my imagination. So, I decided to recreate that space in hope that others feel the same way.

I think TTYL is important now more than ever as our society is beginning to realize the negative effects of technology and social media. When it first came out, no one did a test run to figure out how people would react. It was just like a new toy or gadget that everyone had to get their hands on. Years later, our world is infested with screens. We can’t even keep them at arms length long enough to have dinner with our friends.

That isn’t to say I believe technology is a bad thing or that we should stop using it all together. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to share my thoughts with you or spread the word about my business. However, I would like to encourage people to think more about how being on their phone makes them feel and what activities they can replace some of their scrolling time with that makes them happy.

I believe a person’s imagination is the most magical thing to be born with.Without it, we wouldn’t have dreams or aspirations and life would be a little dull. When we are children, our imagination is running wild. We are constantly dreaming up worlds and scenarios when playing with our friends and we draw these places with crayons during our time alone. As we grow up, we lose that part of ourselves due to other obligations. We are forced to complete homework, do chores, and suffer through extra curricular activities just to get into a good college. We are left with hardly any time to play and therefore our lives begin to lose color.

Having the additional distraction of technology makes it that much more difficult to invite playtime back into our lives. I want to show people that taking even 30 minutes of their day to do something without technology will allow their creativity to flow. And when your creativity flows, your mind becomes happier and open to new possibilities.

I am by all means not a perfect example of this world I am dreaming up. I am just as guilty of the next person when it comes to getting sucked into a social media-stalking spiral. However, I am beginning to make a conscious effort to change my habits and when I stick to them, I notice a significant difference in my mental health.

So why not take out that dusty coloring book? Or put on your favorite song and have a solo dance party? There are so many activities we took for granted as kids that could benefit us as adults. And I promise you can still find time to scroll through your feed on Instagram or watch a funny cat video. It may be less time, but you may realize you don’t miss it.

– Liana Pavane 

Liana Pavane is the Creator and Founder of TTYL, “a weekend pop-up filled with all your favorite board games, coloring books, and other de-stressing activities while giving your mind a rest from social media.”   Born and raised in NYC, she graduated from Ithaca College last year with a B.A. in Theatre Studies and a minor in Writing for Series TV and Emerging Media.  In addition to running TTYL, she currently works at Sézane as a Product Leader.

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