• Patrick McAndrew

Where Our World Is Going

Technology is progressing at a rapid rate.  If you look at the last hundred years and compare it to the hundred years before that, it is insane how much technological progress has been made.  INSANE!!  While a lot of this has been all well and good, it certainly raises some interesting questions with regards to where our world is going and if and when things will not be all well and good.

Have any of you heard of Sesame Credit?  This is a system, developed in China, which assigns you a score based on how obedient you are.  This system observes your behavior, the places you’ve been, things you have eaten, things you have done, and even who your friends are to determine your score.  Check out this video for more details.  It is fascinating, yet terrifying:

Because of our craze with technology, we are becoming obsessed with earning a better score.  Essentially, life has become a game.

I’m all for behaving well, developing good morals, and cutting out toxic people from your life.  Things get a little dicey, however, when someone else is determining this for you.  The owners and developers of Sesame Credit are the ones deeming what is right from wrong and can manipulate us and our behaviors.

Of course, this isn’t far off from what social media does to us.  Many of us already judge our self-worth on likes, posts, and comments.  Sesame Credit is simply being up front about it.  The crazy thing about Sesame Credit is that it is planning to become MANDATORY in 2020.  Now that’s something.

I can’t really speak on the topic of politics, as all countries are likely corrupt to some degree.  With that said, I want to stand up and proclaim that we shouldn’t let tech companies run our lives!  We must take back our humanity and communicate with each other as human beings instead of through our screens!  We must dictate our own schedules and not fall victim to the whims of notifications and e-mails! WHO’S WITH ME?!?

….Crickets.  Silence.  For the most part, we don’t seem to mind or think too critically about our reliance and occupation with technology.  This is the dangerous part.  Tech companies do a good job at making things fun and light-hearted because, at the surface level, that’s all it is.  The danger is when people start using social media and technology as the framework for their lives.  And this is exactly the case with Sesame Credit.

We must tread softly going into the future.  Technology is great and has certainly made our lifestyles much easier than our ancestors.  But we mustn’t let our innate humanness be thrown away in favor of an app that “solves” our problems quicker and easier.  We must think critically about the development of our future technology because it is already starting to take hold of us.

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