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Why, Oh Why, Wifi?

An article was recently published detailing the scientific discoveries of some 9thgrade students.  They conducted an experiment to see the effects of Wifi radiation on living cells by placing cress seeds next to Wifi routers.  They also had a group of seeds that were not near Wifi routers.  Both groups of seeds got the same amount of sunlight and water during the test period.  What they discovered was bananas!  The group of seeds near the Wifi routers did not grow, and some even died off while the non-router seeds flourished naturally.  This raised some questions about the effects Wifi radiation has on human brains.

It’s very easy not to think about the side effects of Internet use, let alone the waves of radiation that keep us all connected.  My hope is that the amount of radiation is so insignificant that it won’t do any damage (even calling it radiation feels a little over the top).  It may be a bit too early to tell though.

Regardless of the effects of Wifi radiation, I do think its important to be mindful of the time we are spending online.  I do think that extended time online must do some sort of biological damage.  I go on and on about the psychological, emotional, and social side effects of excessive technology use, but scientists and researchers are beginning to dive deep into how the Internet is changing our brains chemistry and biology.

Just as the book and clock opened a whole new world for us to experience, the Internet is doing the same.  A wealth of knowledge is at our fingertips.  My concern is that this may cause us to retain less information on our own if we don’t balance our technical use.  Why retain information when we can just look it up?  This is why soft skills are so important!  Our ability to articulate ideas and concepts from our own perspective leads to the development of new innovations and creative discoveries.  While computers and the Internet are useful tools, we want to make sure they don’t do all the work for us, or else our brains will turn into mush like the cress seeds next to the Wifi routers.

What are your thoughts?  Is Wifi radiation something we need to be concerned about?  Comment below!

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