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Why Relationships Will Be Worth Gold In The Near Future

The Future Currency

I found a TED talk recently by a woman named Paula Quinsee, who is a South African relationship expert. While there is some valuable wisdom to be gained from the actual talk, it was the title of it that stuck out to me the most: “Why relationships are the currency of the future.”

Relationships are such a difficult thing to measure. They aren’t quite analytical or rational and they often take a good deal of time to develop. And yet, we heavily rely on these things in our personal and professional lives. We find ourselves connected and serving a greater purpose when we are interacting with other individuals and groups of people. It makes us feel like we belong to a tribe, a community.

Times A’Changin’

By the year 2020, 50% of the workforce will be working remotely. Times are certainly changing and it’s crucial that we adapt to these changing environments. The tech industry is the popular kid in town nowadays, as technology is increasing rapidly with every, passing year, with tech companies racing to develop the next Google or Facebook.

While technology has forever altered the way in which we live and communicate, and while it will continue doing so, fads change. New technologies may always be shiny and neat, but I have reason to believe it won’t be the most in-demand skillset. Technology, while it changes the world, doesn’t do much with regards to how we feel about ourselves. It alters our external world, but our ancestral instincts still lie within us.

The Innate Is No Longer So

There has been a multitude of research out there showing that technology is changing the way we evolve. This may be true, but we, as humans, still yearn to be in the companionship of others. We still feed off of each others’ energy and are still excited to serve and help one another. This basic human need, however, is often overlooked for the shiny, new object in the room: technology.

In this lies some great potential. The innately human skillset of forming and building deep, meaningful relationships is becoming more and more rare as technology becomes more and more part of the social fabric of our world. We aren’t quite as smooth as we use to be when it comes to talking with people and we are much more uncomfortable and less willing to step outside of our comfort zone when we can stay behind the safety of our screens.

All of this makes relationships an incredible commodity. Those who continue to nourish their relationships, whether with their families or their teams, will soon be lightyears ahead of their counterparts who are too busy spending their hours on social media. If we invest in our relationships now, we are going to see an amazing return on investment, as they say. Why? Because this sort of investment is becoming much rarer. And, as is often the case, the scarcer something becomes, the more its value grows.

Let us take the moments to be present when talking to someone. Let’s fully listen. Let’s engage at a 10 instead of a 4. If we take the time to invest in each other, get to know one another, and develop more trusting relationships, our returns will be astronomical in the technological age.

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