REEL is a mix of comedy, drama, music, multimedia, and movement all wrapped into one, fast-paced, 65-minute show. McAndrew, in addition to portraying two characters throughout the performance, also plays guitar and drums throughout the piece. More uniquely, he communicates with projections that pop up on a screen upstage, which provides its own commentary about our interactions with technology.



"Of all the actors in MacMillan’s cast, it’s McAndrew who continually made me pay more than polite routine attention to what transpires on the Vasey stage. His Emmet, whose brother was killed during The Catholic-Protestant “Troubles” in Northern Ireland, and whose mother recently ended her grief in a suicidal act that mirrors the way her son died, maintains a broody, lost cast that elicits sympathy and excites curiosity about the character."

                                                                               -Neal Zoren, DC Metro Theater Arts


"McAndrew deserves kudos for making Orestes' presence felt strongly in the midst of a play about a primarily female family war."

                                                                            -Marakay Rodgers, Broadway World

Lagan by Stacey Gregg