One-Man Show Written and Performed by Patrick McAndrew

REEL follows the story of Harold, a fun-loving, kind, young man who is about to go on tour with his punk-rock band.  He is also trying to woo the heart of an Irish girl.  An eccentric, energetic man, who calls himself "Master," takes us on Harold's journey, serving as the narrator to the constant hurdles Harold encounters.  Or so it seems.

As engaged as Harold seems to be with the audience and his life at the beginning of the show, things take a drastic turn as he becomes more preoccupied with what is happening on his phone than what's around him.  Master takes the reins and finds delight in Harold's descent all the way up to Harold's social departure from the stage.

Captivating and entertaining, yet thought-provoking, REEL explores the influence that technology has on human relationships today.  How well do we truly connect to one another if our attention, more often than not, is diverted elsewhere?  


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