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"Pat was the perfect speaker: caring, knowledgeable, and inspiring. He helped me embrace myself as a person! I no longer shy away from my strengths or weaknesses." -Roger Lee,  Owner and Founder of Roger Lee Arts, LLC

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Pat McAndrew is an international speaker who has presented at international conferences, on college campuses, and at community events. He inspires and motivates audiences to improve their communication and relationships, and to consciously develop integral social skills in the digital age. He stresses the importance of truly connecting in an age where technology often consumes all of our attention.
Pat's teaching and methodology comes from his extensive background as an actor. He believes that fundamental skillsets taught in actor training, like communication, empathy, listening, and awareness, are critical social skills to exercise in the digital age. He expresses deep concern for the state of where our interpersonal relationships are heading, but provides concrete and tangible solutions to break from this mold and become your best self in relationship with others. Pat encourages his audiences to discover their better selves through less stimulus from our screens and through more engagement with ourselves and with our fellow human beings. 

"Pat McAndrew's insights are greatly needed in today's digital culture where people often feel more connected to their devices than to each other. Pat's approach is nuanced and non-invasive, and the fact that he has a theater background really adds to his expertise. I would highly recommend Pat as a speaker; any organization would be lucky to book him." -Tessa Lena, Founder of VulnerableWin

what others are saying

"The U-Imagine Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies at Ursinus College had the good fortune to have Pat McAndrew as the Keynote Speaker to kick off its problem solving Rock-a-thon for undergraduate entrepreneurial minded students. Pat is a great communicator and storyteller.  He shared stories about his career journey and personal growth demonstrating persistence, tenacity and openness to opportunity.  He stressed self-motivation, hard work and practice as the key to unlocking doors to opportunity.   Inspiring, engaging, relatable and on point, Pat was able to capture the attention of our students and spark their creativity for the start of the event."


-Maureen Cumpstone, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, The U-Imagine Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies at Ursinus College

"Pat had his work cut out for him when it came to me, but as usual he KNOCKED it outta the park!  His words of wisdom and his research showed.  Pat helped build my confidence to ask my boss for the raise and promotion that I deserved.  He taught me how to approach it from a different angle instead of my passive aggressive approach.  So thank you Pat for the raise and the position!" 


-Connor, Assistant Research Lab Manager, McCreath Labs

“Pat broke down areas of effective listening, intentional relationships, and conflict resolution in an understandable way and, most importantly, gave me practical steps that I could take to better myself in those areas.  I found it incredibly healthy to spend some time really thinking about the concepts of interpersonal relationships that we put into practice every day. It helped shift my focus as I went about my job and my relationships.  Pat gave me specific tips to help me keep that shifted focus. I now have practices to employ that will help me form habits of better communication and more meaningful relationships.”


-Katie, Corporate Attorney, Winston and Strawn LLP