When not performing, Patrick enjoys writing for stage, film, and podcasts.

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The Startup
Book and Lyrics by Patrick McAndrew
Music by Patrick McAndrew and Kevin Mucchetti 
Directed by Mia Y. Anderson

The Startup is a brand new musical about navigating our relationships and the ways in which we interact with one another in the age of technology. The show explores personal identity as it relates to our digital, online personas, and how we explore difference in our society today. It had its first, staged reading performance on November 6 and November 8, 2021 in New York, NY at the Chain Theatre.

Show Synopsis: 
Maddie Cooper is a freshman in college, trying to survive the trials and tribulations of young adulthood. Meanwhile, her older brother, Chip, has started a new social media company that is creating a lot of buzz. But as the company begins weaving itself into the social fabric of society, its flaws are revealed within the relationships of those closest to Maddie and Chip. While Chip must decide whether he should adhere to the rules of Big Tech or forge his own path, Maddie tries to navigate her online image, change, and romance in a technologically advanced world.
A thought-provoking and timely musical about personal identity in the age of technology, The Startup explores the core essence of our humanity when we spend so much of our time living within screens. What is authenticity if we are broadcasting every moment of our lives for the world to see?

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One-Man Show Written and Performed by Patrick McAndrew

REEL follows the story of Harold, a fun-loving, kind, young man who is about to go on tour with his punk-rock band.  He is also trying to woo the heart of an Irish girl.  An eccentric, energetic man, who calls himself "Master," takes us on Harold's journey, serving as the narrator to the constant hurdles Harold encounters.  Or so it seems.

As engaged as Harold seems to be with the audience and his life at the beginning of the show, things take a drastic turn as he becomes more preoccupied with what is happening on his phone than what's around him.  Master takes the reins and finds delight in Harold's descent all the way up to Harold's social departure from the stage.

Captivating and entertaining, yet thought-provoking, REEL explores the influence that technology has on human relationships today.  How well do we truly connect to one another if our attention, more often than not, is diverted elsewhere?  


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